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picture-13Welcome to the Mark Howell Singers message board and blog.   As a part of our new website, we will be using this area to update our members and listeners to what’s going on with us throughout the year.

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  1. This is wonderful! I love it! God bless you all,
    I am going to send this to all of my friends. Can’t wait to see you all in

  2. Maestro Howell,

    God has truly made you an instrument to spread his gospel via your music. This is a Gift definitely from above. Thanks for sharing this blessing with us all.

    Best Regards,


  3. As a lifelong friend of Desaree Noor, I am so pleased to see all of you and your gifted Director, Mark Howell. I have heard so much about you all. Give glory to God for the blessings! Kudos for this beautiful website and for the gift of song! The music is heavenly. Keep me posted on your upcoming events..

  4. It was years ago, when I met the amazing Jamaican pianist and music conductor, Wavel Howell (a.k.a.Mark Howell). We were both working as statisticians on Wall Street. We became best friends. Then, one day, Mark passed me a note in which he scribbled down the following quote:

    To Bob Lapierre, my Ayitian friend:
    “Persistent pervasion provokes the perfect, prefect, pending penalization preoccupation of which the penalty is putting pen to paper and to prearrange the prose.” – Wavel

    Years have gone by, we both became Business Analysts for the same Wall Street Company, and still doing what we would love doing best, music, and theater. We once teamed-up and wrote one of the most exclusive and exciting masterpieces, “Ebony: The Black Rose,” which was my masters’ thesis. Again, we teamed-up to write this operatic piece for the theater, “Choukoun” by Charles Alexis Oswald Durand, himself an Ayitian master poet of the 1800’s.

    As it can be seen, for more than a decade, I carried my island brother, Mark’s, note in my pocket, for I was since thinking about pre-rearranging the lyric into a poetic play. In 2007, “Reclaiming
    Choukoun” was performed in Miami-Dade’s James L. Knight Center before an audience of 5000 spectators. Mark was given full recognition for his contribution as a musical genius. – I love my brother.

    André Lapierre Pardo, PhD
    (a.k.a. Bob Lapierre)

  5. Yesterday’s concert was riding on the spirit of the Lord, people! From the entrance by Sister Church Lady to the tribute to Sister Carla Ann to the pray out by Sister Sandra Powell, we were the true ministers of song in the passionate tradition of the Maestro W. Mark Howell.

    Never forget who we are and whose we are. This will ensure our ministry’s truth and authenticity.

    God bless the Mark Howell Singers…………..

  6. Maestro…loving the new site! Looking forward to the next event announcement.

    God’s Blessings,


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